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Women Building Community With Women

For over half a century, the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese, AFWJ, has provided friendship and support for non-Japanese nationals who are, or have previously been, in a committed relationship with a Japanese person. Our association takes pride in its efforts to offer opportunities for social, emotional, educational, and professional growth for its members!

AFWJ Snapshot


I’ve been a member for a few years now and it has definitely made my highs higher and my lows more bearable. E-groups and Facebook groups are great, but the sisterhood of AFWJ always warms my heart. And it helps to have a few sempais to guide you through Japanese life!

Tammy Campbell-Eto

Member Benefits

AFWJ is all about making connections with other women. As a member, you will have unlimited access to:

Quarterly journal

Accessible both online and in print, the AFWJ Journal shares the lives and experiences of our members. Both by and for members, the AFWJ Journal also showcases our diverse talents. Check out a sample.

Membership directory

Once you are an AFWJ member, browse our membership directory to see who you will have the opportunity to connect with in your district and beyond.

40+ special interest groups

Find your niche with like-minded individuals both online and in-person. Groups cover interests including mental and physical health, empowerment, caregiving, cooking, cycling, teaching, LGBTQ+, and so much more!

In-person and online events

Chapter, district, and national events for members to unwind, learn, and grow. The AFWJ National Convention features workshops, tours, cabarets, and more!


English is the main language, but we speak other languages too - Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin Chinese, and so on. For more info, please get in touch.


AFWJ members possess a deep wealth of knowledge about intercultural relationships and living in Japan. Sharing our experiences with other women empowers us - both individually and as a group.


Find ways to thrive through connections with women at all stages of life.

Discover and channel your inner leader through opportunities to showcase your talents in a variety of leadership positions.

Tap into your creative side by publishing in AFWJ's history-rich quarterly journal.

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