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“It’s when you learn that you have things to give that AFWJ provides unparalleled opportunities to explore and develop your attributes you didn’t even know you had.” Naomi Arimura

AFWJ is always happy to have volunteers help in big and small ways.  You can share something in a group, host an event, volunteer for a local position, run for the Board, or find how your skills fit in AFWJ.  Become a member, get in touch, and help grow our community.  Already a member? Then, by all means, get involved!

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We’d love to know what we are doing well or what we need to improve on.

Current Members

As a member, how are you finding AFWJ?   
What do you love about AFWJ?
Is there something we can do to improve AFWJ?
Anything else you would like to share?

Prospective Members

As a prospective member, what is your impression of AFWJ? 
Do you have any queries as to how you can join/participate?

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