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The Journal is published by AFWJ four times a year and is the official means of communication between AFWJ's Board and members. It contains reports from Board members about their activities, and reports from District Representatives about events in their area, including upcoming events.

There are also sections about our members, informative articles, short stories, poetry, artwork, personal experiences and other contributions by our members. 

It is available exclusively to members. The following articles have been featured in recent issues:

Preparing for Disasters and the Unexpected

2019, and now the beginning of 2020, have seen more natural + man made trouble around the world than ever before. My birth country is either completely parched, scorched, battered by golf ball sized hail, or been hit by the worst floods in 50 years. Sometimes a combination. Though many of us focus on Japan as we live here, some of us live elsewhere, and no country is safe from harm. Dealing with a possible disaster, or multiple ones within months, is something that the whole globe has to consider.

Cancer Resources

Knowledge is power and if you have been sent reeling by a cancer diagnosis, you will want to arm yourself with as much information as possible. You can start by checking out the National Cancer Institute’s website ( which has a wealth of information from the basics of what cancer is, to coping, to current research. The Union for International Cancer Control ( has the latest international news about cancer, as well as resources for patients and their families on their resource page. 

If you or your loved one would like to find out more information about cancer in Japanese, take a look at the websites for The Center for Cancer Control and Information Services ( and the Japan Cancer Society ( There are also 3 hotlines available for consultation:

General Cancer Consultation Hotline/がん相談ホットライン: 03-3541-7830

Consult an Expert Hotline/専門医によるがん無料相談: 03-3541-7835

Employment Hotline/就労相談(社労士がん相談): 03-3541-7835

Shopping in the Days of Yore

As much as I like country living and coming home to the smell of cows when I turn off the highway, I look forward to going into the heart of Tokyo every season for a morning at Who-Ga, an upscale beauty salon, and an afternoon of surprises in the city. Jenny and I began this ritual a few years ago. We meet at the far end of the Tozai line, and transfer to the Chiyoda about the time we have covered the gardening, teaching, parenting, housekeeping, and cooking topics that make up our world in Chiba. 

"A few hours of feeling connected to friends all over Japan - and beyond ! I laugh and I cry with my AFWJ sisters, as they share their stories, insights and experiences, understanding it all." 

E.M. -- Shimane Prefecture

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Upcoming Journal Topics:


Hope and Gratitude

Autumn is the season of Thanksgiving celebrations, so let’s talk about what we are thankful for. Share your stories of hope and gratitude with us, from your current life or something from the past. Tell us about your Thanksgiving traditions. How do you express gratitude? What are you hopeful for, now that we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Write a poem or a story about hope and/or gratitude. Send in images of things you are grateful for. Contribute some art with the theme of hope. It has been a hard year and it would be nice to remind ourselves of the things we have to be thankful for and to think about what we can be hopeful about.

Autumn 2021(Deadline: August 1st)


In early 2020 the Covid19 pandemic changed the way we live. Even though scientists had been predicting this type of pandemic for a while, it still caught most of us off guard. Now that we are in the recovery phase, what comes next? Has the way we live and travel been changed forever? Will we return “back to normal”? Perhaps we will start listening to scientists’ other grave predictions...

Let’s round out 2021 by sharing our predictions. Send in your essays, articles, poems and prose about what comes next. Share a visual representation of your predictions in the form of your preferred medium of image-making. What comes next for the world, Japan, or even just AFWJ?

Winter 2021 (Deadline November 1st)



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