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About Us


The Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese has changed and grown over the years, but its foundation has always stayed the same.

AFWJ is a source of friendship, support and community for international women who are/were in a relationship with a Japanese partner. 

Thanks to the Internet, we can now easily connect with each other online. What’s special about AFWJ is that we also meet in person. Moreover, you can travel just about anywhere in Japan-and even in other countries-and be sure of a warm welcome from other members. 


  • Connections with 450+ other women for fun, growth, and support

  • 40+ online groups, connecting people with similar interests and situations

  • In-person and online events

  • Fun annual National Convention

  • Quarterly AFWJ Journal


The Directory lists all members. We have a Board that oversees the overall running of the organization, including District Representatives who serve as a voice for members.


Districts hold a variety of activities and events.  Check out your district. Members can also access an event calendar on the app/website to find out what is going on each month - be it face-to-face or online.  Read more about the kind of events you can access when you become a member.


“It turned out to be the best decision ever made by me. It was a bit like joining the United Nations instead of being just a struggling Brit in a rather strict and at times unfathomable Japanese environment. My horizons widened dramatically!” N.A

“For me, AFWJ has been a life-saver. It has reminded me just how important girlfriends are to laugh and cry with. I had forgotten until AFWJ.” J.O

“The AFWJ Journal is an interesting peek into the lives, experiences, and talents of a diverse group of women.” K.T.

“When I have an experience or thought to share, I know that there will be fellow members who understand.” M.O

“After a friend convinced me to join, I was immediately welcomed by a great group of women. AFWJ being organized into districts and chapters meant I felt a connection with these women almost immediately. The use of real names and the information in the Membership Directory gives me a feeling of trust and security that I sometimes wondered about on more anonymous forums.” H.F

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