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Who can join?

Any woman of any national or cultural origin, other than a Japanese born and raised in Japan, who is engaged to, is or has been married to, or is, or has been in a de-facto relationship with a person of Japanese national or cultural origin is eligible for membership.

If you qualify as a member and are interested in joining AFWJ, please review the joining procedures and dues requirements. If you have additional questions, please feel free to e-mail the Membership Secretary at membershipsecretary(at) We're looking forward to hearing from you!

You can join online now by clicking here

Or if you prefer, you can contact the Membership Secretary by e-mail at membershipsecretary(at) to send you an application form, some sample publications and a furikae yoshi (pay form) which you can use to pay the required dues at the post office. 

After receipt of your dues is confirmed by the Treasurer, your name will be forwarded to the representative of your local district.

"With AFWJ I'm at home wherever I go in Japan. I've lived four places in three prefectures and have made dear friends instantly upon every move." 

A.E. -- Saitama Prefecture

Membership Dues 

Full-year Membership (Jan 1 to Dec 31): ¥6,000

 This option entitles you to four issues of the journal and one membership directory. Your first journal will arrive in the spring, together with the directory. If you join mid-year, you will receive the next available issue of the journal.  Back-issues of the journals  may be read online.


Overseas Airmail Postage upgrade: ¥2,000/per year

 All memberships include land or sea postage and delivery. Overseas members may choose to upgrade to airmail delivery for 2,000 yen per year.


How to pay dues

You can pay dues online using a credit card, or at any post office in Japan using the furikae yoshi (pay form).

Just fill out the form with your name, address and telephone number in “romaji” (Roman alphabet letters; please don’t write in kanji) and present it to the postal clerk with the proper amount. A small fee will be added by the post office. 

You can also make a bank transfer or send your dues via insured mail for cash (genkin kakitome) by contacting the Treasurer for more information at afwjtreasurer(at)

Once the transaction is confirmed by the AFWJ Treasurer, the representative of your local district will be informed and will add your name to the local newsletter list.

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