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16 Jul 2021 11:59 AM | Anonymous

If you are an AFWJ member, then you probably know, we will be needing to fill most of the Board positions for 2022. Office terms are for one year with an option to run for the same office for two consecutive terms. We need new officers to assume duties on April 1, 2022. 

Even though the national elections aren't until Winter, I am on the hunt for the next Journal Editor. If you're at all interested in being the next Journal Editor, please let me know. I would love to tell you all about the position, plus the earlier we start training the better!

If you're worried that you can't be the Journal Editor because you don't have a good computer, you can rest assured that is not the case! AFWJ will lend you the Journal Editor's computer to use to make the Journal. It comes with all the old Journal and Directory files for easy access. It can run the Indesign program needed to assemble the Journal. The Indesign program is software purchased yearly from Adobe, and it is always kept up-to-date. There are a lot of great tutorials for the program and support from Adobe if you need help. It is a powerful program and the Journal Editor computer is a powerful machine. There is also a Journal Editor laptop for the Journal Editor's assistant to use. This laptop is currently being used to make the 50th anniversary magazine, but could be sent to you shortly if you are interested in becoming the future Journal Editor.

The Potential Takeover Timeline:

  • someone steps up to run for Journal Editor as soon as possible
  • they receive the assistant editor laptop
  • I start training them on how to make a Journal remotely via email/messaging/zoom
  • sometime closer to the National election we schedule a weekend for more intensive in-person training (this will depend on the pandemic, vaccines and travel ability)
  • they are elected in the National election - ballots go out in the winter Journal
  • they continue to assist me in making the Journal, gradually doing more and more as they become comfortable with the process
  • their first Journal as Journal Editor will be the summer 2022 issue
  • I continue to assist them in their role for the first year-ish of the possible 2-year term, as we start looking for a new assistant who might in interested in the Journal Editor job in 2024
Top 10 reasons you should consider being the next Journal Editor:

1- you get to learn how to use Indesign, very cool and powerful publication software

2- you get to communicate with many members that you might not otherwise meet (I have met some very lovely people)

3- you are the first one to see all the contributions

4- you can learn many new things about layout and font

5- you get to be on the Board and see the inner workings of AFWJ and gain a whole new respect for the work involved in running this type of organization

6- assembling the Journal is a fun creative endeavor

7- you get to work with the amazing Journal team (I will also remain on the team to help you ease into the role as your assistant)

8- it is a great chance to give back to AFWJ

9- you can start from scratch, no experience required (I did not know how to use Indesign at all and had never done any publishing of this type when I started)

10- being a part of the Board for one or two years allows you to be part of steering AFWJ into the future

We really need someone to step up for this important role. However, a little worryingly, we don't have anyone lined up to take over the position after me. Of course, in the case that no one can be found, we could take the leap and go fully online, with events and all else being published on our website and its blog. However, I am sure that many members would be sad to have no Journal, so I hope someone will come forward! Please let me know if you are at all interested in becoming the next Journal Editor, and I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please email me at or send me a message via Facebook. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Besides looking for a new Journal Editor we will need to fill almost the entire Board with new volunteers as most of our terms will be over in the spring of 2022. Please consider joining the Board, as we cannot administer AFWJ without a dedicated group of volunteers. I am not sure what will happen if we cannot find people to fill positions...election by sortition?! 

~S.Suzuyama, Journal Editor 2020/2021

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