Rainy Season Tips

01 Jun 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It is the time of year when a gray cotton gauze hangs low over a myriad of lush vibrant green plants. Snails move slowly between puddles, frogs sing their lullabies and hydrangeas slowly change colour as they soak in the moisture. Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of rainy season in Japan?

Well, I guess there are a few things that can be a turn off - out of control frizzy hair, mold invading your living space, having to put up with constantly feeling damp from rain and/or sweat, et cetera. If you find rainy season something to dread, rather than relish, then this post is for you. Here are a few tips to help make this rainy season a little more enjoyable!

1. Always carry an umbrella, even if the sky looks clear when you leave the house in the morning. A full-sized or foldable umbrella might save you from getting drenched later in the day.

2. Get some cute rain boots because wet feet are uncomfortable and distracting.

3. Consider keeping an extra set of clothes in your car, bag, or office in case you get caught in a downpour - maybe just an extra pair of socks! Sitting in wet clothes is not comfortable or healthy.

4. Drive safely, slow down and use your headlights during heavy rain.

5. Take care not to get sick by practicing good hygiene such as handwashing and not touching your face - conjunctivitis tends to spread during the rainy season, so be on the lookout for pink-eye. Food can spoil quickly in the heat and humidity, be careful not to leave any sitting out for very long.

5. If your appetite isn’t great or your stomach is unhappy in the heat and humidity, eat light meals, full of veggies and fruit.

6. Even though it is cloudy, the the temperatures start to soar during rainy season, so keep hydrated by drinking water or barley tea.

7. Keep mold out of your home by using a dehumidifier and keeping rooms well ventilated. Air out closets and use desiccants in shoe boxes and other small places where mold can grow quickly.

8. Don’t run your A/C at a much lower temperature than the outside, as that might cause condensation which will lead to mold.

9. Consider putting indoor plants outside to reduce mold and save water while they get plenty to drink in the rain.

10. Standing water is a place for mosquitoes to breed so check around your house and make sure there aren’t any big puddles or pots full of water sitting around.

11. Focus on your mental health by socializing with friends and cheering yourself up during the grey days. Try going for a walk amongst the seasonal hydrangeas or buy some flowers for your home to brighten things up.

12. Get around to doing some of those indoor activities you’ve been putting off during the pleasant days of spring: go to an art gallery, museum, or library. Better yet: make a little art of your own! Creative endeavours are a great way to pass the season while staying dry. Or perhaps you'd rather get down to work and organize that closet or cupboard that has been calling to you - an uncluttered storage space is less likely to become a home for mold!

13. Rest up. Rainy season is a good time to rest up and fortify yourself for the scorching hot summer that is just around the corner. Take time to relax, read some good books, and watch some good movies inside where it’s nice and dry.

From all of us at AFWJ, have a great rainy season!

By: S.Suzuyama

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