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The Journal is published by AFWJ four times a year, and is the official means of communication between AFWJ's Board and members. It contains reports from Board members about their activities, and reports from District Representatives about events in their area, including upcoming events.

There are also sections about our members, informative articles, short stories, poetry, artwork, personal experiences and other contributions by our members. 

It is available exclusively to members. The following articles have been featured in recent issues:

I Don't Want to Be a Good Japanese Mom!

Being a good mom according to Japanese cultural norms is so much from how I see myself as a mom. Based on my own observations, being a good Japanese mom means completely giving up oneself, one's identity, one's dreams, one's goals, and one's sexuality for one's children and husband. It's often hard to think of my future dreams and goals when I hear and see messages all around me to fit in and be a "good Japanese mom...."

The American High School Option

Have you ever intimated that kids might be having more fun and far less stress back in your home country? I confess to having mouthed off for years, so I should not have been surprised when I asked my twins what high school they wanted to try for and one said,"It is time to be an American boy. Free education with no tests." The other guy said, "I signed up for the rugby team. I don't like tests either and it is close so I can ride my bike and cheap so papa will be happy." So now I have identical twins answering to different nationalities....

Shopping in the Days of Yore

As much as I like country living and coming home to the smell of cows when I turn off the highway, I look forward to going into the heart of Tokyo every season for a morning at Who-Ga, an upscale beauty salon, and an afternoon of surprises in the city. Jenny and I began this ritual a few years ago. We meet at the far end of the Tozai line, and transfer to the Chiyoda about the time we have covered the gardening, teaching, parenting, housekeeping, and cooking topics that make up our world in Chiba. 

The Journal is available exclusively to AFWJ members, but you can read and download a sample journal here:


"A few hours of feeling connected to friends all over Japan - and beyond ! I laugh and I cry with my AFWJ sisters, as they share their stories, insights and experiences, understanding it all." 

E.M. -- Shimane Prefecture

Upcoming Journal Topics:

Summer (June)


What role does education play in your life and what does it mean to you? What roles have you taken on in the field of education: teacher, student, parent, and how has it shaped your views of learning? How do you foster life-long learning in your life and how do you instill the love of learning in your children? Do you have any funny or interesting stories related to education or a learning experience?

Deadline: May 1st, 2020

Autumn (September) 

Ladies’ Night Out

What does ‘Ladies’ Night Out’ mean to you? What do you do when you have a chance to get away from the daily grind and can let loose? How have your nights changed over time? Have you traded in your dancing shoes for Netflix and an early bedtime? Do you have a story about a memorable night out? Let us know fun ways that we can entertain ourselves on a night out in your town - do you know of a great live music venue, comedy club or maybe a quiet cafe where you can cozy up with a good book. If you were organizing the perfect Ladies Night Out, what would you plan to do?

Deadline: August 1st, 2020



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